Kayleigh Luck - Conceptual Jewellery

My name is Kayleigh Luck. I have just graduated from from Colchester School of Art. I studied a BA(Hons) Art and Design: 3D and Craft for three years.
My work is based on the landscape and sustainability. My concern is to make jewellery that is both eco friendly and personal to the wearer. The pieces are made from pulp of fibrous re-cycled paper and materials taken from the landscape - grass, berries, spices and flowers. These are all combined and placed in a mould in order to form the piece of jewellery. Each piece can be unique to the wearer, using a place, walk, a track - a location special to them. The design is developed from the map of the site, the physical features of the land carved into the plaster. This is used as the mould for the paper pulp which includes the flora of the place. At the end of its life, when the wearer is finished with it, the bracelet can be returned to its source: to sink back into the ground without harm.

Fashion has become ‘Fast’ and time is not taken to consider the effect on the environment. My concept shows that jewellery does not have to be made in this way, and that the fashion industry can make things more ethical.

“My latest bracelets show the connection between generations. A lot has changed between now and the austerity of both World Wars. The ‘Make do and Mend’ slogan has had a big influence on my work. I want to bring this into the modern day world with a new and innovative technique.”